Horse meat – tasty and healthy food

Horse meat is a special meat, distinguished with many valuable qualities, which have mentioned in their writings such famous thinkers like Herodotus, Strabo, Abu Ali, Avicenna . However, the surprising fact is that, unlike most healthy and unpalatable products, properly prepared horse meat is a delicious delicacy.

These days there is a lot of talk about natural, GMO-free, eco-friendly products. Considering this situation willy-nilly we are forced to remember (or we learn  for the first time) horse meat.

Horse meat is the cleanest meat, because horses are not susceptible to parasitic diseases, such as mad-cow disease and others.

 Horse meat is a dietetic , hypo-allergenic, superior to other types of meat, because completes a large amount of protein, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, iron, copper and potassium.

It is an indispensable product for patients with anemia, food allergies and some other diseases. Horse meat reduces bad cholesterol, perfectly regulates metabolism.

This meat is easily digested. Beef is completely digestible in 24 hours, meanwhile horse meat in three!

 Horse oil is an intermediate animal and vegetable fat product, stimulating the secretion of bile. Horse meat has very beautiful red color and excellent structure,  moreover  foal meat is very tender. It is extremely healthy because horses almost all year round feed themselves in the open air, like moose, roe deer , deer and other wild animals .

 Maximum quantity of horse meat imports  China ,  USA, Mexico , Kazakhstan , Italy, France , Belgium, Germany , Poland, Argentina , Mongolia . Even our neighbors Latvians enjoy horse meat.

In many countries of the world horse meat is a favorite meat, and the consumption of this meat  has a long historical traditions. Ancient paintings on rock walls show that wild horses were primitive human  hunting  target , and  as some scientists states, from the beginning they have been domesticated horses as animals for meat and only later they begin to use them as cloakroom. Foals meat was the most desirable dish  already in ancient Roman nobility feasts. It is known that horse meat were eaten by Teutons in religious ceremonies . Europeans have enjoyed horse meat  up to the year 732, until  Pope Gregory III prohibited to do that in order to increase trade relations , development of farming and cavalry . In the second half of nineteenth century, when mechanized vehicles and farm technique came , the ban was lifted.